A Letter to My Mom: Inspiration to All

Dear Mommie,

You are a beam of light, shining brightly to all you meet. I am so happy that my soul chose you and your soul chose me to play these parts of mother and daughter together.

As a child, I watched you inspire women all around the country with your ambitious work in your association. Given that you laid such a strong foundation for me to follow upon, naturally it only makes sense that I desire to follow in your high heels to spread inspiration as well. (And maybe one day, I, too, will receive a lifetime achievement award for it!).

You have taught me so many wonderful things about being a woman – not only how to put on my makeup and shop for the best dresses, but also how to set a bar to accomplish whatever I put my mind to and then to raise that bar again, so that success may continue.

Thank you for all that you have done to help me get to where I am today. You are my light and I love you dearly.